Get your ticket in 3 easy steps

  1. Search for the prefered departure and choose the prefered seats
  2. Pay Your Fare using M-Pesa
    • On your cellphone, go to the Safaricom > M-PESA menu and select Payment Services > PAYBILL.
    • Enter Our Business Number: 827540
    • For the Account Number Enter: TICKETS
    • Enter the fare amount, Your PIN Number and Complete your transaction.
    • Wait for the MPESA confirmation SMS
  3. Enter your name and ID number and print/download your ticket in PDF format.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to register for an account so as to purchase the ticket?
Short answer: NO. You don't have to register for an account with us so as to use this service. However if you would like to be able to re-print or even check the details of your departure then it is a good idea to sign up for an account with us. From time to time we shall be giving away special offers only to our registered customers, who knows you could be the lucky one to get a special offer!

2. What will happen if I am unable to print my ticket?
Short answer: DON'T WORRY! If you have an account with us, you can re-print your ticket at any time at any location. On the other hand you can also request any of our cashiers at any of our offices to reprint the ticket for you. Just remember to come with a valid National ID/Passport or any other legally recognized identification document to prove your identity.

3. I erroneously placed a booking for the wrong bus. Can I get a refund?
Our operational policy does not allow us to give instant refunds. You can come to any of our offices or call our hotline 0790700700 OR 0791700700 and request for a cancellation. You will then be given a VOUCHER which you can redeem within 30 DAYS or be rebooked on the right bus according to your preferences.

4. I want to book multiple seats. Can I send the total fare amount in one transaction?
Short answer: YES! You can book multiple seats under one name using one MPESA TRANSACTION CODE. However if the amount available falls below the required fare amount you will get an on-screen error message informing you about the insufficient funds.

5. I have sent a fare amount less than the required fare amount. Can I top it up?
Short answer: YES! Just remember to type in the transaction IDs separated by a COMMA. You can use as many transaction ID as you have received from MPESA.
For example you can enter: XS99YHDS, ZX008HDGGD

6. Will I loose my money in case of MPESA system delays?
Short answer: NO. If MPESA system is experiencing technical difficulties the only thing you can do is to be patient with Safaricom. You can also call Safaricom customer care to inquire about the status of your transaction. Once you get a confirmation SMS then you can proceed to do the ticket purchase.

7. I am no longer intending to travel as planned. Can get a refund?
Again as stated in 3 above, our operational policy does not allow us to give instant refunds. You can come to any of our offices and you will then be issued a VOUCHER which you can redeem within 30 DAYS. Under exceptional cases, we may give refunds to our clients.

Got any more questions? Call our customer helpline 0790700700 OR 0791700700

Need Assistance?

Call our customer helpline: 0790700700 or 0791700700

Accepted Payment Modes


PAYBILL: 827540